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Here's some links for you to screw around on...

well, I did it. I linked to hell. Don't go here unles you have a lot of courage and alot of time and patience. It's reeealy creepy, and THEY DON'T LET YOU OUT WITHOUT A FIGHT!
I got stuck in hell for about 20 minutes, and be wary of signing the guest book....you may lose your ability to reflect in mirrors or set off automatic doors.


I adore the reality check!  These catties are so vicious, pray you're never on the receiving end of a claw sharpening. Wish they'd update it though :(

Reality Check

groovy *enter chainsaw noise*
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Evil Dead and it's patron eternal fuck-up boomstick weilding deadite obliterating badass.

Evil Dead-An Ode to Ash

Shmeng: Cynical Indulgence

quite possibly the grossest place on the net. check out the motorcycle accident and the babies in bottles.


wanna see famous dead people? Think they are nothing but a pretty face? Try seeing them DEAD...


Sit back, take a drag on your "last cigarette", and enter the dark and decadent world of salon betty. Order a cd. You won't be dissappointed.

salon betty

The cure's own website, links to all the cure boy's sites, contributions from the bands, contest, tour dates and great pictures.

the cure official web page

fabulous cure sight...everything you need to know, see, and do. A veritable plethora of cure postcards to send to your friends, great links and more!

deep green sea...the cure

peter murphy's site, lots of fun stuff....how could you say no?

peter murphy

the band that started it all! info, upcoming new and fabulous stuff. undead undead......


3d bettie page! Instructions on how to make your own 3d glasses...come on, you guys....3d bettie...

3d betty

focused on the legend and social icon...plus, what happened to this mysterious and unwitting revolutionary woman. Can you believe she was utterly oblivious to her fame this whole time?

bettie page

need I say more? this girl next door was worshiped by men and women alike....and you will see why.

eyes and theighs of bettie page

fabulous site about bats...lots of pictures, adopt a bat program, membership and merchandise with lots of great perks for batlovers everywhere! Amazing stories about infant bat rescues...be sure to read the story about putter. Keep the tissue handy....